Sports wear is the new BLACK

Posted on March 21 2018

Omenka’s latest addition to its collection features leisurewear – for both men and women. New items include unisex long sleeve hoodies in four colors: black, white, burgundy, and yellow. The hoodies proudly adorn the brand’s logo, making it a strong, eye-catching visual. 

These new items are quite different from what Omenka usually sales. Their clothing emulates the beauty and passion embedded in African designs and prints and combines it with western culture and style. Omenka provides a modern take on mixed culture clothing for our generation. Their new additions approach this in a more casual fashion.

Despite their difference from the other clothing on the site, the hoodies have been popular amongst buyers. Three out of the four original colors sold out, yellow being the best seller. The brand is soon releasing three new colors to the mix; grey, navy, and olive green. Since yellow was the best seller, it will be restocked.

By India Fizer.

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